Tattoos FAQ

is getting tattoo safe ?

Absolutely , as long as you are getting it from a good tattoo artist in hygienic condition .

Does it hurt ?

Yes ! But it depends on the place you are getting and pain tolerance you have. If its your first tattoo then you might feel anxiety or fear of getting it done , which is very normal , because our brain is not used to of getting this pain imagined. Once you get the first prick you will feel a little prickly tickling on skin .

What if i have a tattoo already and want to cover it up ?

It depends on what kind of tattoo you have and on which place , if possible we can cover it up with other tattoo design or change the same one to look it merged with the new one.

How much it will cost me ?

Please check the pricing section for the details

How can I book an appointment for tattoo?

Please go the “Make contact” page and book an appointment or call us directly at +91-7353178646 for discussion .

How much time it takes to heal a tattoo?

It depends on person to person skin. Usually it takes 5 days to 2 weeks to heal a tattoo