Dimensionless studios  is an art studio also  for children. Connecticut, providing them with authentic opportunities to make and create. In a greenly light filled space, creative minds are encouraged to express their ideas and interests. Through the process of exploring materials, building skills, making mistakes, and envisioning solutions, your child will be taught to work and think like an artist. Whether painting, Dancing , yoga  they will use their hands and their hearts to create art that is unique and meaningful to them. In art class, there is no right or wrong. Exploration and personal expression are encouraged through open-ended workshops, and children learn to speak about their art and the art of their peers in a positive, encouraging, and thought-provoking way.



Yoga class poster

A physical approach to the yoga practice connecting postures, movement and breathing. Our yoga classes are an empowering way to help improve strength and flexibility, tone the body, decrease stress and enhance body awareness.

(9000INR For 10 Classes)