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Relieve your pain


The benefits of the barre à terre or the benefits of bar on the ground

To carve a dancer’s body without putting on a pair of spikes, the barre à
terre is the perfect sport. On the program: muscle strengthening, improved
posture and sculpted silhouette. Where are we going?
The barre à terre, what is it? Simply a series of ground exercises inspired
by the stretches of classical dancers. On the origins, it was in 1937 that the
ground bar was born thanks to the ballet master Boris Kniaseff. While he is
opening his dance school in Switzerland, the professor realizes that it is
impossible to fix the bars on the wall because the building he has just
acquired is classified as a historical monument. That’s when he comes up
with an excellent idea: translate the exercises to the ground bar. The
students warm up while sitting or lying but the goal remains the same: to
stretch, to work his posture and strengthen his muscles … all without
touching any bar. You will understand, despite its name, this discipline is
practiced without any accessories.
Still have doubts ? So let us explain why the barre à terre is an ultra-
beneficial sport, just like yoga or Pilates.

1- We improve our posture

If you are prone to back pain, the barre à terre is a sport for you. Here,
one stretches one’s muscles and one relaxes one’s joints thanks to
exercises that are practiced sitting or lengthened. In only a few lessons,
you learn to keep the bust straight, to tighten your belly and not to arch.
Released from the constraint of gravity, the body relaxes, the back is
raised and the neck rises. The land bar is an investment-based sport.

This allows you to easily correct bad postures while allowing you to feel
lighter and comfortable in your body.

2- Our body relaxes quickly

No need to have practiced ballet for several years to register for a barre
terre course. And for good reason, if all the stretches are not necessarily
pleasant at first (especially when you’re stiff as a stake), just a few
sessions for our body begins to soften. So yes, it pecks, it burns even
sometimes, but as and when, the physical constraints disappear. More
flexible, we feel more free of his movements but also more graceful.

3- A sculpted silhouette

If you want to sculpt your figure, then it’s time to put on your leotard.
Indeed, this sport allows to extend his muscles rather than develop
them. The arms are firmer, the buttocks are toning, legs are shaping, and
ankles stretch and thin. The barre terre classes can give the impression
that you are not physically demanding enough, but just like Pilates, this
sport can really work your muscles in depth. Better yet, these stretches
also have an incredible effect on the silhouette, since if you do not lose
weight, you lose centimeters !

4- A soft sport

Just like walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, or cycling, the barre à terre is
a low-impact sport. This means that the exercises will put little pressure
on the joints and that you can go even if you suffer from bone or joint
lesions. To get back into shape after pregnancy or injury, the barre à
terre is also recommended. A sport sweet but full of benefits, we say
yes !

5- Sports for all levels

The barre à terre offers very simple movements to execute and is
therefore suitable for sportspeople of all levels, either beginners or old
ballerinas who want to keep flexibility. The other good side of this type
of exercises? They complement high-impact sports such as running or
aerobics very well. By alternating the two, the muscles and bones suffer
less but the result is still there.

6- We feel good and it’s fun

What is nice with the barre à terre is that we progress quickly. After 4 or
5 lessons, we already feel that we have gained flexibility and we
therefore begin to feel better in his body. And that’s not the only source
of motivation. Unlike other sports where you can easily feel

competing with more trained people, the barre à terre can get rid of the eyes of
others because we sit or lie down most of the time. Add to that a good
teacher, a stimulating playlist and a cool outfit (leotard or t-shirt, socks
and leggings), and you get the perfect sports class.

Why register for a Body Alignment with Barre à Terre technic  if you are not a dancer?


-Of course, I like the Barre à terre, so I have plenty of arguments to convince you, but I only give you a few:


– The barre à Terre course as I conceive it is a pleasant way to reconcile the pleasure of the dance and that of the physical expenditure.

– It’s a way to “get into the dance” for all those who do not dare to go directly into a dance class.

– It is a “complete” course, combining bodybuilding, relaxation, musical listening, rhythmic expression, stretching …

– It is a dance class and in this it brings all the benefits of dance: posture and correction of posture defects, musculature, body control, kinesthetic sensations, concentration, state of mind of the effort … things that serve everyone, dancers or not, in everyday life to feel good in his body and in his head!

– As the exercises are studied to allow a “soft” work and favoring the search for “good posture”, the bar course on the ground can also be a good alternative to the sport for the “private” people of sport because of ‘a fragility (by warning the teacher before the course obviously).





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Teacher Sonia Gryszata

In 2008, Sonia obtained a degree in Engineering Sciences. That same year, she joined the Rick Odums professional dance school in Paris where she learnt Jazz, Ballet, Graham and Horton modern’dance technic, contemporary and barre à terre. Simultaneously embarked on her professional career as a jazz dancer, working for the school’s company. Now she is dancer from more than 10 years for jazz, cabaret, belly dance companies. She also has choregraphed for her and different dance companies.

Sonia became a body alignment teacher through Barre à terre and Yoga because it has played a major role in keeping her mind aware about how to prevent or release some body pain. And these technics in turn leads to flexibility during dancing and training sessions.

In the past 10 years, Sonia had to consult many osteopaths, physiotherapist and spa centers because of her intense dance and sports practice. She has an insatiable curiosity to learn about the body and how it works, which led her to obtain a therapist diploma in 2018.

Sonia’s love for dance has brought her in contact with many amazing artists, dancers and yoga teachers all around the world. She has completed a Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India and practices yoga on a daily basis as part of her routine, which leads to a calm mind and a healthy body.

Sonia has always been inspired by intelligent and independent women, such as Alexandra David-Neel, Martha Graham and Florence Drachsler. Driven by her curiosity and insatiable desire to understand and learn about various cultures, she has traveled and lived in many European, African, American and Asian countries.

Sonia’s vision is to support and help Human so that they can realize their dreams. Her services focus on empowering awareness of Human in order to create a better world and future.

Sonia has joined Dimensionless Studios in Whitefield in December 2018 to help to build a collect if conscience about body and art in our society.


Sonia Gryszata

Dimensionless Art Studios

2nd Cross Road, 1st Main Rd, AECS Layout – A Block, AECS Layout, Brookefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

Whatsapp :+33786479292

Instagram : Sonia Gryszata