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Coffee Paintings

Coffee painting is a very different painting technique as the primary solution is coffee, alternative to the archetypal acrylic, oil, water or tempera paint.

Coffee art can be created by following the basic principles of water colour painting. This type of art is a resourceful medium and capable to create limitless textures, gradients and depth.

This monochromatic but high potential art form requires only five basic materials.

  • Instant coffee
  • Water
  • Water colour paper
  • A set of brushes
  • Paper scotch
  • A colour palette for mixing

oil paintings

“The art of painting in oils”

Oil paints are made from pigments and a binder, traditional binders being linseed oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil, and sunflower oil.

The choice of oil imparts a range of properties to the oil paint, such as the amount of yellowing or drying time. Certain differences, depending on the oil, are also visible in the sheen of the paints. Oils’ long drying time lets one create paintings with a delicate blend, fine detail and textural effects.

An artist might use several different oils in the same painting depending on specific pigments and effects desired. The paints themselves also develop a particular consistency depending on the medium. The oil may be boiled with a resin, such as pine resin or frankincense, to create a varnish prized for its body and gloss.


Charcoal Portraits

Charcoal drawing is a well-recognized skill and different than drawing with a pencil. When it comes to black and white art, no other medium is as rich as this burnt organic material. Charcoal is preferred due to its ability to create very thick to thin lines, grey gradients, contours and gesture lines.

Shadows and smudges, loose gestural marks to well defined areas on the professional-looking black-and-white images can be drawn just with a little chunk of charcoal and eraser.

Pencil Sketches Of Mother And Child Pencil Sketches Of Mother And Child Mother And Baby Drawing
Simple Pencil Drawing Of Portrait Simple Pencil Drawings Of Girl - Drawing And Sketches

Pencil Sketches

For an artist, nothing is more fundamental than a pencil. And a pencil can be used to create the most uninhibited and freest form of creative art, i.e. pencil sketches. Pencil sketching is an art form in itself and gives insight into the artist’s soul.

The sketches can be snippets of thoughts or an impression of an idea by an artist or can be used to render a subject as realistically as possible. Various skin tones, shades or still life objects can be brilliantly represented on paper through pencil sketching.


Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic Painting is a very versatile form of painting. Acrylic paints are capable of achieving bright, strong colours, different effects and a variety of painting styles, such as photorealism, abstract, whimsical or a composite of any style.

A properly varnished acrylic painting does not need to be framed behind glass and can be hung on the walls as such.

Acrylic Paints are water soluble paints and thus dry quickly and are painted on surfaces like wood, canvas or paper.