Body Alignment

Sonia Gryszata

a dedicated spirit for your well-being proposes you:



1.) BODY ALIGNMENT with Barre à terre technique from Europe
Barre à terre” technique for body alignment is a series of dance exercises on the floor in
sitting or lying down position. Practicing positions with Barre à terre technique is a safe
practice for all, there is no risk of pressure on joints or falling. This European technique
brings you more awareness of each muscle and joint in your body. It is a complete course for
all levels combining body building, posture improving, silhouette sculpting, relaxation,
musical listening, rhythmic expression, breathing, stretching and a daily physical practice help
to control your body weight.
Moreover Sonia takes care of adjusting all exercises for your level if needed and your posture
during the 1h30min of session.
Also Barre à terre is a wonderful tool to be in the present moment, to connect your body with
your mind, to explore and know more yourself and to help you to manage your emotions.
Sonia advices all her students to practice first the Barre à terre technique before all others
physical practices to protect you from any injuries and also because of this technique all other
sport technique learning will be faster than going directly for another practice.
To practice the Barre à terre technique you need sportswear clothes and a pair of socks.
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2.) HATHA YOGA from India
Yoga is the union between body, mind and soul. Sonia proposes you through a session of one
hour every day to practice prayanama, asanas and meditation. The practice of yoga will help
you to build muscles, to have more flexibility. In a very natural way, it will also help you find
your ideal weight and release physical tensions.
Yoga helps your soul be more present. It brings your mind more focus and a greater
awareness of that which dictates and controls your life. Yoga helps us to recognize what is
beneficial or harmful to us and to strengthen ourselves and our ability to create the life we
Because of her artistic and great sport journey, Sonia will help you, guide you and if you
need, will push you in this daily practice.
Yoga is a tool to help you fulfil your needs and assist you in making the right choices in life
by understanding what you really need and what is important to you.
To practice you need comfortable sportswear clothes and better to take your own mat for
hygienic and energy sensitivity reasons.

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3.) HEALTHY LIFESTYLE consultation
What is healthy lifestyle?
Healthy lifestyle is a balance between having enough knowledge and applying this knowledge about
eating well, sleeping well, breathing well, feeling enough support in life and knowing the importance
of passing time alone for ourselves.
And why being more healthy?
Being healthier will help you to feel more energy, to think better, to act better, and to realize your
During a consultation of one hour, Sonia will help you to understand, to learn how to have and apply
good habits in your life.

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About Sonia Gryszata

In 2008, sonia obtained a degree in Engineering Sciences. That same year, she joined the Rick Odums professional dance school in paris where she learnt Jazz, Ballet, Graham and Horton modern dance technique, contemporary and barre a terre. simultaneously embarked on her Professional Career as a Jazz dancer, working for the schools company. Now she is more than 10 Years for Jazz, Cabaret, belly Dance companies. Sonia became a Body alignment Teacher through Barre a Terre and yoga because it has played a major role in keeping her mind aware about how to prevent or release some Body pain. And these Technique in turn leads to flexibility during dancing and training Sessions. In The past 10 Years, Sonia has to consult Many osteopaths and Physiotherapist and spa centers Because of her intense Dance and sports Practice. she has insatiable Curiosity to learn about the body and how it woks, Which led her to Obtain a Therapist diploma in 2018. sonia’s love for Dance has Brought her in contact with many Amazing artists, dancers and Yoga Teachers all around the world. she has completed a yoga teacher Training in Rishikesh, India and Practices Yoga on a daily basis as part of her Routine, which leads to a calm mind and Healthy Body. Sonia has always been Inspired By intelligent And Independent women, Such as Alexendra David-Neel, Martha Graham and Florence Drachsler. Driven by Her curiosity and insatiable desire to understand and learn about various Culture , she has Traveled and Lived in European, African and Asian Countries. Sonia’s vision is to support ans help human so they can realize their dreams. Her services focus on Empowering awareness of human in order to create a better wprld and Future. sonia has joined Dimensionless studios in Whitefield in December 2018 to help to build a collect if Conscience about body and Art in our Society

Body Alignment