Dimensionless Art Studio

Transforming Inner and Outer Dimensions through “ART”


What we Do

know about how we manifest ideas and imagination to this reality.



Tattoo is A gift that lasts for forever! At dimensionless studios you can choose from an endless assortment of design ideas or can have your own customized design at no extra cost. We will answer all your queries and help you in the whole process of tattooing so that getting a tattoo for the first time or the nth time will be your “out of the earth” experience. We have an utmost concern about your health and hygiene and to make sure we fulfill that every time, we use sterilized needles and disposable items that means every time a person gets a tattoo , we use a separate needle and tips. We do care about your skin and its texture for that we use pigments and inks that are FDA approved .

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We are a design studio that brings concept to almost everything around you.Though we are a part of the 3rd dimension reality but our designs are not limited to just one dimension. Our work is inspired by spirituality and we love what we do, to make you fall in love with what we do! We put together a line of products that range from artworks like sketches, portraits (charcoal / graphite / acrylic /coffee and oil), hand painted tee shirts to healing crystals. Our other services include giving concept to your home interiors and wall designs. Our clients are hotels, villas and houses in need of unique artwork for their spaces.

We believe that the energy that surrounds you is as important as the energy within you. At Dimensionless Studios, our colours and designs ensure to create a balance between both.

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dance yoga

Dance Yoga is the union between body, mind and soul. Yoga helps your soul be more present. It brings your mind more focus and a greater awareness of that which dictates and controls your life. Yoga helps us to recognize what is beneficial or harmful to us and to strengthen ourselves and our ability to create the life we desire.
Dance is the conscious expression of the soul and mind through the body. Your body is the vessel through which energy flows. Through dance—the movement and flow of energy that is driven by emotion and feelings—we can become aware, heal and express our present state. This expression through dance helps us to release excessive energy and increase energy when it is lacking, or in other words, dance allows us to balance our energy level.
The combination of dance and yoga is a tool to help you fulfil your needs and assist you in making the right choices in life by understanding what you really need and what is important to you.
The physical aspect of this practice will increase your physical condition, flexibility and balance. In a very natural way, it will also help you find your ideal weight and release physical tensions.
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“I got my wedding e-card made from dimensionless studio… And I absolutely loved it….every bit of the card was like I wanted it to be.. Every person who I forwarded the invite to asked me where I got it made from… so yea 😀 cheers to Ajay and dimensionless studio” -Aditi Singla
Looks nice… They are conducting some workshop for kids during the summer holidays…nice –Tom Korah Manalody
If you are an artist or an art lover, this is the best place for you to explore your inner potential and learn more by coming in touch of other brilliant artists. It’s an energy hub and a place to explore your true self. The infinity room is only one of it’s kind in India, it’s a masterpiece and truely high energy center. Do visit once if you are in Bangalore. Witness many amazing paintings by Ajay Sharma and other famous artists. Certainly one stop for art work, let it be tattoos, portraits, Interior art work and much more. Cheers!!  –Gulshan Kamboj