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What we Do

We create conceptual Tattoos , Paintings, Sketches and Designs.


Custom and Original

At Dimensionless we understand the concept of getting tattoo and the feelings behind it . We try to create an atmosphere of a high vibration where you can enjoy the process of tattooing with a great hygiene and comfort with infinite designs. Our designs are custom made based on the client ideas. It doesn’t matter if the tattoo request is small or huge, its about creativity and originality. Its an experience to get a tattoo , it’s not just about inks and needles, it’s about connecting to our clients to a deeper level to understand the very core purpose and emotions attached to the tattoo.


2000 – 4000 ₹

Small designs are generally 2-4 inches. For example Small butterflies, birds,  heart, name tattoo etc.

4000 – 8000 ₹

Medium designs are average size between 5-7 inches. This usually has 2-3 ideas combined and is proper size for custom designs.

10000 – 20000 ₹

Large designs are usually combination of 3-5 custom sketches into one great piece.


Extra large designs are usually multiple sessions based, combination of small and medium designs. For example Full back, full arm,  full leg.


Art, yoga, body alignment,tattoos n a lot more. Truly one of a kind in innumerable ways! THE place to realize, reimagine and realign your inner self Weekned Rendezvous 💯 Be sure to check out the️ ♾️pod when you’re there.. -Shashank
It’s hard to find true art….. And a reason to keep on with it…. You can see all insta and online pictures which are great… But when u see them in person,……. It’s worth it. Visit the studio once and I’m sure you will know why I can’t keep my word on it…. Experience beyond dimensions… Anton Bosco
If you are an artist or an art lover, this is the best place for you to explore your inner potential and learn more by coming in touch of other brilliant artists. It’s an energy hub and a place to explore your true self. The infinity room is only one of it’s kind in India, it’s a masterpiece and truely high energy center. Do visit once if you are in Bangalore. Witness many amazing paintings by Ajay Sharma and other famous artists. Certainly one stop for art work, let it be tattoos, portraits, Interior art work and much more. Cheers!!  –Gulshan Kamboj

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